About Us

Vet Inter Business Co., LTD.

   Vet Inter Group is the companies that focused on importing, distributing and manufacturing pharmaceutical and nutritional supplements for animals. We founded on March 13, 1997 by 6 leaders who have the best vision. The companies have many products for sale, we imported from the leader?s International company (Supplier) in Europe, America and Asia and managed business in direct sales with a professional knowledge team such as veterinarian, zoologist, nutrition science and animal genetic etc. Moreover, there are also warehouse and manufacturer which standard for manufacturing feed additives (Premix) as there is production capacity 4,800 tons/year. We have the headquarter at Saun Siam Road, Kannayao, Bangkok and the company now has proportion in sale products that is 25% from our manufacturing and 75% from imported.

Vet Inter Group is divided into 4 companies as follow:

1. Vet Inter Business Co., LTD. that distributed intends to medical supplies
and animal feed additives especially swine.

2. VIB Animal Health Co., LTD. that distributed medical supplies and animal feed additives. There intends about
animal?s health like Biosecurity and Pest Control which imported from International companies especially poultry.

3. BV Intercorp Co., LTD. that distributed medical supplies and animal feed additives.
There intends about raw materials of feed which focus on Feed Mill and Integrate Farm.

4. VIBest Global Co., LTD. that distributed farm?s equipments, processing equipment,
automatic feeding equipment, artificial insemination and waste management.

Philosophy for managing business

For managing business, it would be beneficial for nation, citizens, company, person
who get into the company with fairness and transparency.

Highest Goal

A leader in animal feed which valuable for mankind and environment-friendly.


A leader in the pharmaceutical and food supplement for animals in Southeast Asia.

Company Policy
We will intend to recruit the high quality products and services, price fairness,
environment-friendly and fulfill as customers? needs.

Company Target

-We associated in the production of highest quality nutrient foods.
-Creating and providing the quality foods for mankind.
-The manufacturing process in standard safety.
-Focus on the protection productivity of farm and infection to humans.
-Environmentally friendly.

Main of manage business

For business, managing would be useful for nation and citizen.
The company focus on reduce of import and increase more products for exporting to International markets.
And recruitment new technology science applied to agriculture in our country.

Ideology for business

Make a stand in fairness Concentrated in excellent
Trust in value of people Concern in responsibility of social
Vet Inter Business Co., LTD. believes in the way of accuracy and fairness will regarded to success in business. So,
the executive members and all staffs would be hold and follow ideology of business as:

Make a stand in fairness

Vet Inter Business Co., LTD. regarded people who concern with the company whether as a shareholder, business partner,
people who doing the business with us or employees would be treated fairly while doing the business or work with us.

Concentrated in excellent

Vet Inter Business Co., LTD. is always intending to achieve effective in the best way.
As doing the business in the excellent capabilities meanwhile always trying to find ways to develop into second to none continuously.

Trust in value of people
Vet Inter Business Co., LTD. gives priority for the value of our employees
and considered there are the most valuable for company. We always tried to recruitment staffs
who have knowledge and morality to join with us. We developing and well-training by welfare
and reward in properly. We concern for social responsibility.

Vet Inter Business Co., LTD.

We intend to do the business with regarded of duties and responsibilities which are supposed for the nation and public,
mostly. We will behave oneself to be a great man, make benefit for social and all of our partners.